Carol Normandi, M.S., MFT and Laurelee Roark,
MA, CCHT are co-founders of Beyond Hunger, a nonprofit organization in
San Rafaelthat provides support groups, workshops and education for individuals
with eating disorders and body image disturbances. 
They are the authors of It’s Not About Food: End Your Obsession with
Food and Weight
, a book for adult women with eating disorders, and
Over It: A Teen’s Guide to Getting Beyond Obsessions with Food and


Carol Normandi, MFT is a licensed
psychotherapist and specializes in
eating disorders and body image disturbances.  She has extensive
experience as an individual therapist, speaker, and facilitator
of groups
and workshops.
LaureleeRoark,MA., CCHT, has facilitated
support groups, led workshops, and lectured about eating disorders
for over 20 years


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